Do I have to have an injury to see a sports therapist?

Not at all! Many people will go and see a sports therapist when they sustain an injury because they want to return to full fitness as soon as possible. On the other hand many people will also regularly see a sports therapist to get sports massage which will aid there performance, speed up recover from training/participation and help to relax and/or prepare them for any up and coming participation/competition. People may also come in simply to get a strapping/tapping which is necessary to allow them to participate in the physical exercise/activity they are going to undertake.

What conditions do sports therapists treat?

Injuries sustained through sports/physical exercise participation – The may include muscular sprains/strains, bruising, cuts and grazes, Joint pain, chronic injuries e.g. Tendentious, after care/rehab for fractures/dislocations, ligament sprains and strains, aftercare/rehab for injury related surgery e.g. Ligament reconstruction. These are main areas that are generally common and treated regularly however this is not to say that SPST will not be able to treat you if your type of injury is not listed here. If you are unsure please call to speak to a therapist who will be able to advise whether your condition is able to be treated at SPST.

I’m not sporty, can I still have a sports massage?

YES! Sports massage is so-called simply because it is a style of massage popular with sports people. Whether you’re an Olympian, casual gym user, desk bound office worker or stay at home mum, you deserve the same quality treatment tailored to your needs. This being sports massage, remedial massage or a combination of the two.

Are men better than women at sports massage?

With the correct training it makes no difference whatsoever. The correct use of bodyweight allows the same correct pressure to be applied by either a male or female.

What do I wear for a sports massage?

The therapist will need access to the required body part. So it is recommended you wear clothing that is easily removed or repositioned. Many clients feel comfortable in their underwear however modesty is maintained at all times by using towels to cover the body. They are only removed to allow access to the area of the body that is being worked on. Body parts such as the gluts are worked on through clothing/towelling for clients comfort and is just as effective.

Females are asked to wear a back fastening bra so that the upper back and shoulders are easily accessed, sports bras can be awkward in this situation. Long or tight shorts are often restrictive so are not ideal as access to the hamstrings/adductor attachments can be difficult. It is imperative you feel comfortable at all times whether you are suitably undressed or fully clothed.

Does sports massage hurt?

Sometimes sports massage can be a little uncomfortable, but it is only ever a ‘good’ pain – you will instinctively know is doing good. Please remember that you are always in charge so if you’re uncomfortable in anyway please say so and a different approach will be taken

If you want lighter pressure please say, the aim is for you to feel happy with the treatment you are receiving.

It is not unusual to feel a little post massage soreness for a day or two after a deep tissue massage. This is normal and shows that useful work was done – and the body is healing. Common post massage advice includes warming the area with a hot bath or a hot water bottle, drinking LOTS of water and gentle but progressive stretching.

If you are worried in any way about being sore, or have an important event in the next day or two, please do communicate this, it is not a problem to work around.

I am allergic to many massage oils, can I bring my own?

If you are aware of any massage lotions/creams that your are allergic to please inform the therapist on booking on your appointment and if necessary please bring along to your session any cream/lotion that should be used as a substitute by the therapist during your session. However, please note that using alternative creams that are not designed for massage can often cause the massage to be less smooth and therefore less effective.