What to expect

It is common for people to be unaware of exactly what they will get from a sports therapy session. This is normally either because they are unfamiliar of what a sports therapist does (see FAQ for more on the role of the sports therapist) or because they have previously never had sports therapy treatment.

A typical client would firstly complete an initial consultation session which involves the therapist collecting all the relevant information they need to know regarding you and the injury you have sustained. This will then be followed by the therapist deciding the relevant treatment plan they feel is going to be appropriate to you and then introducing some initial treatment to complete the first session.

Following this you will be advised by the therapist if it is necessary for you to return for a follow up appointment, if further treatment is required.

All treatment will be identified and explained to you before being administered. If you are aware of any reasons as to why any types of treatment should not be administered to you during your session please be sure to tell the therapist at the start of and/or during any sessions you attend.