Whether you come to SPST for a general massage, injury diagnosis or treatment, exercise prescription can be offered to compliment the service you receive. Exercise prescription includes your therapist giving different types of exercises they feel you should incorporate into your everyday routine or gym/training sessions. These exercises will help you to maintain a good fitness condition, avoid new or re-injury and help recover from any current or re-occurring injury as soon as possible.

Priding ourselves in keeping up to date with using current technology and treatment methods, SPST will be able to demonstrate exercises/rehab techniques both practically and visually on a TV screen within the treatment room. This ensures that when leaving the session correct techniques have been identified and you can feel confident to go away and complete your personalised rehab programme correctly and effectively.

Exercise prescription can range from simple stretches that can be used to develop flexibility, range of movement and a sense of muscular relief, to exercises that are design to build stability, strength and support. Your therapist will take into account the type of lifestyle you lead and therefore the type of exercises that are included. Whether that be rehab that can be completed at home or exercise prescription that is completing during your training, in a gym or within team sessions.