If you have sustained an injury through sport or participating in physical activity an initial consultation appointment can be arrange to get a diagnoses of your injury and allow the therapist to inform you of the necessary next treatment steps you will need to aid your recovery.

An initial consultation will consist of collecting information about the injury/problem such as how it happened, the signs and symptoms that are present and how it is affecting you. A physical examination will also take place as part of this assessment. This part of the initial consultation will also allow the therapist to find out about your lifestyle and any participation in sport or physical activity you undergo to offer an affective recovery plan for your injury/problem that compliments your everyday lifestyle and training/participation regimes.

If it is just sports massage you are after from your sessions then there will be no need for an injury diagnosis, however an initial consultation form will still need to be completed at the start of the session to ensure the therapist has the information they need to complete the massage.

Treatable Injuries/problems:

  • Chronic Injuries
  • Repetitive Strain injuries
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Muscular/Ligament and joint sprains and strains
  • Help with rehabilitation
  • Bruising to soft tissue
  • Muscular tightness
  • Injuries requiring ultra-sound
  • Over training injuries

Please Note: This list of treatable conditions listed above are the most common and if you feel your injury/problem i snot listed above that doesn't mean SPST cant help. To find out if your injury/problem can be treated at SPST please call and speak to a therapist for advice.