An additional service SPST offers on top of the treatment you receive within your session is providing you with a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

These rehabilitation programmes are designed for anyone who requires one, being most beneficial to people who have just sustained a recent injury or suffer from a re-occurring injury that they may never have received treatments for, continuing to cause them problems.

These rehab programmes are constructed to provide you with an on-going course of exercise/techniques and activities to aid you in your recovery. These programmes are designed to minimise pain and symptoms and improve factors such as range of movement, flexibility, stability and strength and to allow you to continue improving even away from the treatment room.

A rehab programme will be created, will be discussed with you and will include exercises and activities that are achievable and fit into you current lifestyles as much as possible. Whilst you will be required to commit to completing the programme to gain maximum benefits from it, support and further treatment session to complement your programme may be advised by SPST.

A typical rehab programme will include various pictures and information and if necessary links to videos so you can see exactly what needs to be completed to achieve improvements in your recovery. Progression through you rehab programme will be monitored and if adaptations/progressions need to be made this will be discussed and organised during a treatment session.

An additional cost for this service will be added to the overall session price (See price tab for more details).